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When surveying most women on their shopping habits, they will usually admit to spending the least amount of their wardrobe money on their bras.  Purses, shoes, jeans, pants, sweaters, shirts, and other accessories definitely take priority.

Reasons for this can be any of the following:

  1.     Bras aren’t seen by anyone except for self or spouse.
  2.     They aren’t super cute and are usually 100% covered up.
  3.     They get stretched out and dirty.
  4.     Women dislike shopping for bras.

We will go over these one by one.  The first should be the number one reason to buy a beautiful bra.  You should do this for yourself because you’re worth it and want to look great with or without your shirt on.

Second of all, bras come in so many styles, colors and varieties that they are a beautiful fashion statement and can set the tone for the rest of your outfit.

When talking about bras getting stretch out and dirty, doesn’t everything eventually?  Shoes and purses don’t look new forever either.

Of the four reasons listed, the last holds the most truth as women usually do dread bra shopping.  It can be difficult especially if you don’t know what type/style you are looking for, don’t know your proper size, or the best places to look for them.

Here are some additional reasons why you should spend more money on. Bras are the MOST important article of clothing you put on.  This single article of clothing is worn every day which is more the reason to strive for quality and comfort.

Bras are the foundation of your complete outfit.  A properly fitting bra will make you appear thinner and lift your breasts.  This will make your shirts, sweaters, and jackets fit better, and most importantly give you self-confidence and make you feel more gorgeous than any new pair of stilettos will.

You do get what you pay for.  When you buy a cheap bra, don’t expect it to last you years.  When you spend more money on a bra, you are more likely to get higher quality material that will last longer.  Also, the way the band and cup lie on your body will fit you better as well as provide more comfort.  When you buy a few quality bras, rotate them, and wash them properly, you can expect them to last at least a year or more.

The size bra you wear is going to make a big difference in the price you pay.  If you are a common size like for instance a 34B, this size is available everywhere so it will cost you a lot less.  Harder to find sizes like 28-32 band sizes and G-K cup sizes will cost more because they are not easily available.

You can definitely get a quality bra from $40-$80.  aBra4Me provides quality bras for all shapes and sizes.  We offer all of your favorite brands with most at discounted prices.  Feel free to browse our website to find styles you love that will provide comfort and be long-lasting.


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