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How To Properly Wash Your Bras


This might seem like a simple task but there are many ways to launder bras. The goal is to make them last and not break them while washing.

The number #1 rule would be to hand wash. Some woman wear them into the shower and wash them with body wash or shampoo. I don’t think I have ever tried that but I suppose it would save some time.

For those of us who don’t have time to hand wash, we suggest using a laundry bag.

With our schedules this is the easiest way to keep the agitator in the washing machine from breaking your underwire, bending it or poking through. The washing machine can also stretch out bra without an underwire. Let’s not forget the clumps you can get from padded bras. The mesh bag will keep the bra contained but while this is not fool proof, the odds are much better at saving your bra. Just clasp the back of the bra, put it in a mesh bag and throw it in the machine on a short gentle cycle.

Any detergent will do but stay away from anything with bleach.

Rule #2 is an absolute must. DO NOT throw your bra in the dryer. It’s the worst thing you can do to lycra and every bra has lycra. Either hang to dry or lay them on top of the dryer. As the dryer is drying your clothes the heat rises and that’s enough to dry a bra.

Most people wash their bras after 2 times of wear. Sports bras should get a cool rinse if you don’t wash them after every use. Every person’s body is different so it depends on your bra size and how much you perspire.

We hope that helps the laundress in your household.
Please feel free to ask any questions on this blog or to


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