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Love Your Lingerie

Who doesn’t love a sexy piece of lingerie?  We certainly do! Lingerie was designed primarily to make the wearer feel sexy or sweet, relaxed or sensual. The beautiful thing about lingerie is that you don’t necessarily need an occasion to wear it! You can easily slip into your favorite outfit or even wear it underneath your comfy loungewear. Who cares? It is all about you, right! 

During this Valentine’s month of love, continue your “self-care” and “self-love” routines by wearing your favorites and feeling good underneath it all.  You can also create a sexy space for your lingerie. This space can be a section in your closet, a chest, a special drawer, or even a DIY box designed just for your sexy intimates. Wherever you decide to create such a blissful section in your wardrobe, make sure you enjoy it and of course, wear what’s inside EVERYDAY!

Don’t know where to start? Here are a few simple tips for organizing your sexy space. In addition, we’ve added suggested of some fabulous lingerie finds with links to shop them on!

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Elila #1303

Tips for Your Organizing Your Sexiest Pieces

For your lingerie space, think of a spot or place that will not only motivate but make you feel sexy and alive! If it’s going to be a closet, designate an area ONLY for your lingerie. Whether it is an entire side or small section in front of your clothes, make sure to keep it separate.

If you have a drawer, chest, or DIY box, use separators to organize your items. Make sure that the area is always kept neat and tidy.

Elomi #4550 Priya Underwire Bra

Elomi #4550 Priya Underwire Bra

Make Your Space “Sexy”

It’s one thing to just have a designated space for your lingerie but it’s an AMAZING thing to make it sexy. No matter the size, you want the area to be inviting and motivate you to think and be sexy.

If your space is your closet, use fancy embellished hangers, satin padded hangers, or gold vintage hangers. Also, invest in bra hangers or a hanging system for multiple items. Clips on the hangers allow for more undergarments to be hung, so you don’t forget them.

If you have a chest, drawer, or DIY box that you will be using, don’t worry, you can still make it SEXY! On top of your chest, add candles or pretty framed photos. If you are creating a DIY box, you can embellish it with black lace on top of red, purple, or cream satin. Get creative!

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Berkshire #1363 Thigh High Stocking

Coordinate & Categorize Your Lingerie

To show variety in your lingerie, we suggest coordinating “like pieces”. Keep it simple. You’ll have your “everyday” bra and panty sets -vs- your sexy, over-the-top bra, and of course, there is always a few needed pieces of shapewear, as well.

You can put your workout undergarments up front, followed by your standard sets, and then your sexy, sexier, and sexiest pieces. Coordinating by color is a great idea, too, especially when

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Take Care of Your Delicate

Don’t forget that not every piece of lingerie goes directly into the washing machine? You have to take care of and preserve the good stuff!

Fashion Forms has a beautiful laundry bag specifically for your lingerie! If we look hard enough, there are things out there that will allow us to take care of our clothing and our special intimates. As a result, your items will last longer, and you will get more wear out of them.

Restock and Shop!

Alright, let’s say it together. There is nothing wrong with throwing away bras, panties, and other lingerie that is too small, too big, holey, or just plain done! It’s time to restock!  This is where can seriously lend a helping hand (or website links).  

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Paramour #235047 Abbie Front Hook Padded Underwire Bra 55% Off

Looking for affordable options?

Take a look at our Sale Rack for deals of up to 90% off! You deserve a comfortable and confidence-inspiring bra that fits your body exactly right, and aBra4Me can give that to you without breaking the bank. Our wide range of sale items at extremely low prices gives you the opportunity to go into the new year without wearing uncomfortable bras day in and day out.  It’s time to find some fantastic finds to restock and rebuild your lingerie life!


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